2021 neue Generation Elektrische Tupfen Rig Epro Tragbare Verdampfer durch Greenlightvapes

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Haben sie verdampfen konzentrat durch eine Elektrische tupfen rig? 2021 neue generation Epro tragbare verdampfer kommende, diese digital Temp display tupfen rig gebaut-in 3000mAh batterie, keramik heizung element, heizung temp(280 ℉-800 ℉).

Epro Dab Rig Portable Vaporizer Specification:
Product type: Portable vaporizer
Model: Epro enail
Brand: Greenlightvapes/G9
Color: Black,gun,silver,gold,blue,green,red
Heating element: Ceramic Heating Base
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Heating chamber: 1 x Titanium Bowl, 1 x Ceramic Bowl, 1 x Quartz Bowl
Material: Zinc alloy body, glass bubbler
Advantage: Digital Temp Control
Function: dabbing
Vape style: Smart Dab Rig
Temp range: 280℉ - 800℉
Use for Concentrate/Wax/shatter/CBD
Customization Customized logo(Min. Order:500 Pieces)

The Epro Vape Kit Includes:
1 x Epro base 3000mAh Li-Ion battery
1 x Glass recycler
1 x Quartz carb cap
1 x Titanium bowl
1 x Ceramic bowl
1 x Quartz bowl
1 x Loading tool
2 x Alcohol pads
3 x Alcohol sticks
1 x USB charger
1 x Silicon cotainer
1 x User manual
1 x Elegant box
2021 neue Generation Elektrische Tupfen Rig Epro Tragbare Verdampfer durch Greenlightvapes
Epro Portable Vaporizer OPERATION TIPS:
    Press the power button 5 times to turn on/off Epro. 
    Press the +/- buttons to select the desired temp between 280F - 800F. 
    Press the power button 3 times to start/end heating Epro.
    A beeping tone indicates heating. 
   Wait 35 seconds or check the screen to see if Epro has reached temp. 
   When Epro has reached its desired temp, it has a longer beeping tone and Epro keeps heating until a recycle of 100 seconds ends.

   Fill the glass recycler through the mouthpiece with water. 
   Place desired concentrate on the bowl of your choice and cover the bowl with provided quatz carb cap as needed. 
   Power on the device and select the desired temperature. 
   Gently enjoy your vaping experience.